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Air Compressor Air Filter

The air filter is mainly used in the fields of pneumatic machinery and internal combustion machinery.

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Air filter is a device to remove particulate impurities in the air. When the piston type machinery (internal combustion engine, reciprocating compressor and so on) works, if the inhalation of dust and other impurities in the air will aggravate the wear of the parts, the air filter must be installed.


The air cleaner consists of two parts: the filter core and the shell. The main requirements of the air filter are high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, long time continuous use without maintenance.


The air filter is mainly used in the fields of pneumatic machinery and internal combustion machinery. The function is to provide clean air for these machines in order to prevent the mechanical equipment from inhaling air with impurity particles in work and increasing the probability of abrasion and damage. The main component of the air filter is the filter core and the shell, in which the filter core is the main filter part and carries the filtering work of the air, and the shell is the external structure to provide the necessary protection for the filter core. The working requirements of air filters are high efficiency air filtration, excessive resistance to air flow and long continuous work.


Different types of air compressors can choose the air filters to be installed according to the the amount of air intake.

The blockage of the air filter will cause the air compressor to lose energy and waste electricity, and it will be easily penetrated by dust. Too much dust into the air compressor inside, will affect the life of the use of air compressor oil, but also cause oil separator blockage, so air filters need special maintenance.

When the filter has been working for a long time, the filter core has been intercepted a certain amount of impurities, which will lead to increased pressure and reduce the flow rate. This time needs to be cleaned in time.

When cleaning, be careful not to deform or damage the filter element.

Filter paper in equipment is also one of the key points. Filter paper in high quality filter equipment usually uses superfine fiber paper filled with synthetic resin, which can effectively filter impurities and have strong pollution ability. Equipment has a great demand for the strength of filter paper. Because of the large flow of air, the strength of the filter paper can resist the strong air flow, ensure the efficiency of the filter and prolong the service life of the equipment.

The pore size of the filter paper is about 10μm, and the dust on the surface should be removed every 1000 hours. The cleaning method is to use low pressure air to blow the dust from inside out. The air filter is equipped with a pressure difference controller. If the air filter is blocked on the display panel, it means that the air filter must be cleaned or replaced.


Air filter is an important guarantee for air compressor. The correct selection is very critical. All MANFETE air filters are made of high quality filter paper, thickened iron cover and high quality PU glue to ensure the reliability of the compressed air system and reduce the operating cost of the air compressor.


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