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Air Oil Separator Cartridge

The oil tank of screw compressor has two functions: oil separation and oil storage. The compressed oil and gas mixture is discharged into the oil tank

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Product Details

Built-In Oil separator:


Spin-On Oil separator:


The service life:4000hours

In the operation of the refrigeration system and compressor, the refrigerant and lubricating oil in the compressor are mixed with steam, leaving the compressor, causing the lubricating oil in the compressor to be reduced. Under the action of the oil separator, ensure that the lubricating oil is returned to the oil storage tank of the compressor to prevent the compressor from failure due to the lack of lubricating oil and prolong the service life of the compressor.


The oil tank of screw compressor has two functions: oil separation and oil storage. The compressed oil and gas mixture is discharged into the oil tank, and the most of the lubricating oil can be separated in the oil tank, and more lubricating oil is stored to avoid the hot oil that is just separated immediately to participate in the next cycle, which is beneficial to reducing the exhaust temperature.

The material of the oil separator core is high precision glass fiber. Its function is to separate compressed air and oil and make the compressed air cleaner.

The setting value of blocking alarm is usually 0.8-1.0bar.

After the blockage of the oil separator core, the separation efficiency becomes worse, resulting in large fuel consumption and high oil content in compressed air. This will affect the normal operation of purification equipment and gas equipment.

At the same time, the piezoresisance will also increase, resulting in the increase of the actual exhaust pressure and the increase of the unit energy consumption.

After the failure, the glass fiber filtration and separation material will fall off into the oil, which will shorten the life of the oil filter core and cause the abnormal wear of the main engine.

Therefore, after the service life of the oil core is reached, it should be replaced in time.

Installation and maintenance

● The installation and maintenance of the MAN FEITE oil and gas separation core is relatively easy and nothing special. However, the time for installing and replacing oil-air separation cores varies with the installation conditions. In large systems, the size of the oil-air separation core is large, the weight is heavy, and the installation time taken may be longer.

● Whenever installing or replacing oil and gas separation cores, special care should be taken to ensure that the relevant seals are in good condition and properly in place. Under normal circumstances, matching seals provided by oil and gas separation core manufacturers should be used, and spin-on oil and gas separation cores only Need to tighten clockwise by hand.

● For the standard oil and gas separation core with air flow from outside to inside and vertically installed, special attention should be paid to the location of the return pipe. The length of the return pipe should be correct and should extend to the center of the oil and gas separation core at the bottom 2-3mm.

● When oil-containing compressed air cannot be injected directly onto the oil and gas separator and the oil separator is removed, care should be taken to ensure that there is residual pressure inside.


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