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Air Compressor Air Filter Element

Application:Air Compressor
Working temperature: -40℃—+100℃
Rated flow: 2-60m3/min

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Application:Air Compressor
Working temperature: -40℃—+100℃
Rated flow: 2-60m3/min
Filter material:High stability of imported top filter materials

Gravimetric efficiency(%)

500Pa  98.6%
1000Pa 99.14%
2000Pa 99.59%
Spec.DHC(g/m2)500Pa  19

1000Pa 42

2000Pa 88
Fractional efficiency0.5μm  55%

1.5μm  80%

3.0μm  96%

8.0μm  100%
Service life: 2000 hours




In the compressed air system, the oil and gas separator, the air filter, and the oil filter are closely matched in the compressed air system, so the quality of each filter is very important. Because air filters affect the operation of all offline filtering systems, it is a key factor. Only with high quality air filter can we achieve the intake purity specified by the compressor, so as to ensure the economic and reliable operation of the system.


Our company has always been focusing on high quality filter cartridge, and the company provides customized service for sample processing. Air filter is an important guarantee for air compressors, and the right choice is very critical. All the air filtration product by our company is made of high quality filter paper, thickened iron cover and high quality PU, which ensures the reliability of the compressed air system and reduces the operating cost.

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