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Screw Compressor Oil Filter Cartridge

The service life of the engine oil will be reduced, and the time will be reduced seriously.

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Spin-on Oil Filter




Built-in Oil Filter



Working time:2000 hours

In general, the parts of the engine are lubricated by oil to achieve normal work, but the metal debris, the dust that comes into the engine, the oxidized carbon deposit at high temperature and some water vapor will be constantly mixed into the oil. The service life of the engine oil will be reduced, and the time will be reduced seriously. It is possible to affect the normal operation of the engine.

Therefore, at this time, the function of the oil filter is reflected. To put it simply, the function of the oil filter is to filter most of the impurities in the oil, so as to keep the oil clean and extend its normal service life. In addition, the oil filter should also have strong filtration capability, low flow resistance and long service life.

● Reduce particles entering the lubrication gap and cause wear (< 3 um - 30 UM)

● The accuracy of filtration meets the requirements of protecting the engine and reducing wear.

● Large amount of ash, suitable for bad environment.

● It can adapt to high oil temperature and corrosion environment.

● The lower the oil pressure difference, the better the oil is to ensure that the oil can pass smoothly.


Daily maintenance of screw air compressor

1. Check the oil level, exhaust temperature and exhaust pressure daily to check if there is any abnormal sound.

2, turn on the separator drain valve before discharging the condensate every week before starting the engine, check whether there is leakage anywhere, check the safety valve and check the wear condition of the belt (visual inspection).

3, check the intake control valve, the minimum pressure valve, the electric control box connection terminal, the safety valve and the cooling fan regularly.

4, regularly clean the cooler and test the reliability of the safety valve.

5. Regularly replace the oil filter core and oil separator filter element.

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