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Compressor Pleated Air Oil Separator

Application: air compressor
Residual oil rate: 1-2mg/m³
Maximum working temperature: 120℃

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Application: air compressor

Installation position: pressure storage tank

Residual oil rate: 1-2mg/m³

Maximum working temperature: 120℃

Pressure drop: 0.17bar

Rated flow: 1-80m³/min


Use top filter material, high reliability

Low oil residue and low oil consumption

The service life is up to 8000 hours

The oil and gas separation filter element is the key component that determines the quality of the compressed air from the injection screw compressor. The high quality oil separator filter element ensures the high quality of compressed air and can be used for thousands of hours in proper installation and use.

Now, many air compressor manufacturers continue to upgrade the quality of the air compressor oil separator through technological transformation and reduce the oil content of compressed air. Some fuel injection screw compressor users also regularly replace the oil separation core with better quality.

Fold type oil separator is a new technology research and development, the performance is better than the wound oil separator core, the folding process density is more fine, the filter area is larger, the service life is long, the ultra low oil consumption, not only improves the working efficiency, and provides you with clean air.


The cause of oil running in air compressor

Oil running is closely related to the following factors: oil separator quality problems, air compressor system faults, improper installation of oil separator, defects in the design of oil and gas separation systems, etc.

During the actual processing, we found that most of the fault complaints were not caused by the quality problem of the oil separators. The following conditions will also lead to oil running:

1, minimum pressure valve failure

2. The use of unqualified oil

3. The design of oil and gas separation tank is not standard

4. Overrefueling

5. Damage of one-way valve for oil recovery

6. Improper installation of oil recovery pipe

7. High gas consumption and low load overload (or the amount of oil and gas separator used by the machine does not match the exhaust volume of the machine.).

8. Block back oil pipeline

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