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Screw Compressor Oil Separator Cartridge

Application: air compressor
Residual oil rate: 1-3mg/m³
Maximum working temperature: 120℃

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Product Details

Application: air compressor

Installation position: pressure storage tank

Residual oil rate: 1-3mg/m³

Maximum working temperature: 120℃

Pressure drop: 0.17bar

Rated flow: 1-60m³/min

The service life:4000 hours


Use top filter material, high reliability

Low oil residue and low oil consumption

A variety of specifications can be selected and can be used directly.


The oil and gas separator is the key component that determines the air quality of the screw compressor and the oil immersed vane compressor discharged from the compressor.

High quality oil and gas separator in the correct installation, use and good maintenance, not only to ensure the high quality of compressed air, but also to ensure a considerable service life.

The structure and working principle of the screw air compressor oil separator

● The common used oil tank has two types , horizontal and vertical, with oil core, back oil pipe, safety valve, minimum pressure valve, pressure meter and so on. There is a refueling hole on the bucket for refueling.

● After filtering through the oil and gas separation core, the air passes through the minimum pressure maintaining valve, flows to the rear cooler, and then discharged from the air compressor.

● There is a safety valve on the end cover of the oil tank. When the air pressure in the oil tank reaches 1.1 times the set value, the safety valve opens automatically, releases some air, and reduces the pressure in the oil tank.

● A pressure gauge is installed on the oil tank, and the pressure before filtration is checked. The bottom of the oil tank is equipped with a drain valve. It is necessary to open the drain valve regularly and release the water and dirt at the bottom of the oil tank.

● There is a transparent oil level mirror beside the oil tank showing the oil level in the oil tank. The normal oil level is between the upper and lower scales (the static oil level of the air compressor is stopped for half an hour), too high the oil will run away, too low the compressor will stop because of high temperature.

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