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Replacement Compressor Filter Cartridge

Screw air compressor is an indispensable part of factory equipment, air compressor filter core, including air intake filter, oil filter, air and oil separator

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Screw air compressor is an indispensable part of factory equipment, air compressor filter core, including air intake filter, oil filter, air and oil separator, overdue use will bring a lot of damage to the machine, resulting in:

1. The exhaust volume of the unit is insufficient, which affects production.

2. The filter core pressure is too large, the load of the unit increases, and the service life of the main engine is reduced.

3. the actual compression ratio of the unit is increased, the load of the main engine is increased, and the service life is reduced.

4. The failure of filter element leads to foreign matter entering the main engine, resulting in host locking or abandonment.

Therefore, we should replace the air compressor filter in time.


◆ Replacement of air inlet filter element

Normally, the air filter is replaced once every 1000-1500 hours. If the environment is particularly bad, the replacement cycle should be shortened. It is best to maintain the air filter once a week, unscrewing the gland nut, removing the air filter element, and wipe the stolen goods on the inner wall of the empty filter cartridge with clean cloth. When installing, pay attention to the components should be individually aligned, and prevent foreign objects from falling into the intake valve.


◆ Replacement of oil filter

After the first operation of the new machine 500 hours, the oil filter core should be replaced. Use a special spanner to remove the oil filter element, install the new filter element and inject the special lubricating oil of the screw air compressor , seal the filter element, and use both hands to screw back to the oil filter holder.

The service life of air compressor oil filter is usually 1500~2000 hours, it can be adjusted according to the environmental condition. Oil filter plugging alarm setting value is generally 1.0-1.4bar. Replace the lubricating oil at the same time with the oil filter.


◆ Replacement of oil fine separator

Under normal operation, the service life of the oil separator is about 3000 hours, but the quality of the lubricating oil and the filtration accuracy of the air have great influence on the life of the oil separator. Oil separators must be replaced when the pressure difference is over 0.12Mpa. Otherwise, the motor will be overloaded and the oil separator will be damaged and run away.


At present, the requirements of the compressed air system for filters are continuously improving. We provide products for air and oil separators, air filters and oil filters to meet the requirements of OEM standard. All of our filters are specially designed in the development stage to make it perfectly fit the compressed air system involved. This ensures the best interaction between the filtration system and the efficient operation of the compressor.

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