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Air compressor intake filter quality distinction
- Sep 10, 2018 -

In the various failures of the air compressor, such as high temperature, running oil, abnormal noise of the host, host stuck, bearing damage, lubricating oil coking, intake hose suction, etc., the culprit is often air intake filter.

Factors affecting air filter

If the quality of the air filter is not good, it will have the following effects:AC  1622065800  60×70 胶木_7378-_副本.jpg

 1, The quality of lubricating oil declines

The air compressor intake filter has poor precision will cause a large amount of dust to enter the lubrication system, resulting in a decrease in the quality of the lubricating oil, which will affect the core components such as the main rotor and the bearing, resulting in reduced efficiency and shorter life.

 2, Oil separator blockage

Air compressor oil separator system is more sensitive to lubricating oil impurities. The increase of lubricating oil impurities will cause oil separator blockage, greatly reduce oil efficiency, and block to a certain extent, which will cause oil separator deformation. The most direct consequence is that the system runs seriously.

3, Oil filter blockage

The main function of the oil filter is to maintain the quality of the lubricating oil. However, due to the poor quality of the air filter, the oil filter burden will increase greatly. After the oil filter is clogged, the most direct problem of the machine is high temperature.

4, The intake pressure difference increases, increase energy consumption

If the quality of the air compressor intake filter is not good, it will increase the pressure difference before and after the air intake, thus reducing the system efficiency. The most direct performance is that the connecting hose is sucked.


In summary, due to air filter quality problems, it will cause problems such as high temperature and oil running of the machine, which will also cause a major shortening of the overhaul cycle of the main engine, coking of the lubricating oil, etc. More seriously, in terms of energy saving of the air compressor, This has led to a significant increase in energy consumption in air compressors. It will also significantly shorten the maintenance cycle.

In terms of comprehensive operating costs, the selection of high-quality air filter will greatly reduce the overall operating cost, avoid unnecessary maintenance cycle shortening, machine damage and other losses. In terms of energy-saving space, the cost of using high-quality air filter is increased, and huge energy saving. In front of the space, it is not worth mentioning.

Air filter quality distinction


Air filter generally distinguishes quality from the following aspects.

 1, Waterproof performance

The filter paper should have excellent waterproof performance, and the waterproof performance of the filter paper is not good, which will accelerate the air filter blockage.

2, Filtration accuracy and filtration area

Efficient filter material, professionally designed fiber structure, can effectively ensure the filtration accuracy and filtration area, and finally extend the service life of air filter.

3, High quality shell and seals

High-quality housing and seals ensure the rigidity and compressive strength of the air filter itself, as well as reliable sealing under ambient temperature changes.

4, The amount of gray

The filter paper with a large amount of ash can absorb dust and does not completely block the gaps in the fibers to block the circulation of clean air.

Finally, remind you: It is recommended that users not only pay attention to the air filter itself, but also pay attention to the problem of pipe connection sealing between air filter and intake valve.