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Air compressor separator filter pressure difference is big and also run oil. What's wrong?
- Sep 28, 2018 -

Recently, a customer complained that the pressure difference of the oil separator core used in a 200KW/20bar high-pressure machine of an international famous brand was large, and the running oil was especially serious. The same problem occurred when two products were used on the same machine.

According to the introduction of the customer responsible person: the user is relatively remote, usually less to the site maintenance, six months ago prepared two oil separator cores, the user factory organic repair group, the usual replacement of filters and oil maintenance is machine repair group to do, somehow, after the replacement of the new oil separator cores on the problem, just installed when the oil partial pressure Differential display 2.8 bar, communicate with the user's maintenance team, replace the differential pressure sensor, the result of the fault is still displayed. It was suspected that there was a problem with the oil separator core. Another oil separator core was replaced. As a result, the problem remained. After three days of use, the fuel consumption was also obvious.

Because the problem is more serious, and this product has not appeared before similar complaints, so communicate with customers as far as possible to go to the scene to check, hoping to find the cause of the problem, solve the problem.

Next day, go to the scene to see the machine with the customer leader. Usually running oil problem, it is necessary to check the oil return pipe first. It is found that the external return hose is connected to one end of the differential pressure sensor, while the internal pressure hose on the side of the oil separator is connected to the port of the internal return pipe of the oil separator core. Since the inner pressure hose is connected to the inner pressure hose from the end of the hard return pipe inside the oil separator core, the inner pressure hose is connected to the side of the oil and gas barrel before separation, and the pressure of the inner pressure hose pushes the oil and gas mixture to the inner part of the oil separator core, not only the oil condensed at the bottom of the oil separator core can not return to the main engine circulating system, but also is out of the inner pressure hose. The incoming mixture of oil and gas will blow the oil away, and the oil will be exhausted with compressed air out of the air compressor resulting in a sharp increase in fuel consumption. The differential pressure sensor is actually connected to the end of the main engine connected to the external return hose, the pressure difference between the two sides is large, resulting in excessive differential pressure on the machine panel.


After changing the position of the interface between the external return hose and the internal pressure hose, the machine is normal, and the oil separator pressure difference shows 0.2 bar. 

The user’s maintenance personnel accidentally connected two pipes, which led to the problem. It is suggested that when you communicate with the users, you should carefully explain the details of maintenance, train the basic knowledge of air compressor, and avoid making such low-level mistakes. The user is far from the compressor maintenance provider, and if he had been trained well before, there would have been no such ridiculous thing.