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Air filter barrier is really important for air compressor! Let's recognize it.
- Dec 27, 2018 -

The increasingly standardized air compressor accessories market, air compressor air filter is really important for air compressor maintenance, how to better apply PU air filter to the machine to provide greater application value, will highlight the particularly important, then we can get the answer from the following analysis:

Influencing Elements of Air Compressor Air Filter

If the quality of air filteris not good, it will cause the following effects:

1. Degradation of Lubricating Oil Quality

The poor precision of air filterwill cause a lot of dust to enter the lubrication system, resulting in the deterioration of the quality of lubricating oil, thus affecting the core components of the main engine, such as the rotor and bearing, resulting in lower efficiency and shorter service life of the main engine.

2. Oil separator blockage

Air compressor oil separator subsystem is more sensitive to lubricant impurities. The increase of lubricant impurities will cause oil blockage, greatly reduce oil efficiency, and block to a certain extent, which will cause oil deformation. The most direct consequence is serious oil run-off of the system.

3. Oil Filter Blockage

The main function of oil filter is to maintain the quality of lubricating oil, but because of the poor quality of air filter, the burden of oil filter will increase dramatically. After the blockage of oil filter is serious, the most direct problem of the machine is high temperature.

4. Increasing Intake Pressure Difference and Increasing Energy Consumption

If the quality of air filteris not good, it will also increase the pressure difference before and after intake, thus reducing the system efficiency. The most direct manifestation is that the connection hose is sucked flat.

In summary, due to the quality of air filter, it will cause high temperature, oil running and other problems. It will also shorten the overhaul cycle of the main engine and cause the coking of lubricating oil. More seriously, in terms of energy saving of air compressor, it will cause a significant increase in the energy consumption of air compressor. It will also greatly shorten the maintenance cycle.

In terms of comprehensive operation cost, the selection of high-quality air filter will greatly reduce the overall operation cost, avoid meaningless maintenance cycle shortening, machine damage and other losses. In terms of energy-saving space, the increased cost of selecting high-quality air filter is not worth mentioning in the face of huge energy-saving space.

Quality Differentiation of Air Compressor Air Filter

Air compressor air filtergenerally distinguishes the quality from the following aspects.

1. Waterproof performance

The filter paper should have excellent waterproofing performance, and the waterproofing performance of the filter paper is not good, which will accelerate the clogging of air filter.

2. Filtration Accuracy and Filtration Area

Efficient filter material and specially designed fiber structure can effectively ensure the filtering accuracy and area, and ultimately prolong the service life of air filter.

3. High-quality housing and seals

High-quality housing and seals can ensure the stiffness and compressive strength of the air filter itself, as well as reliable sealing under changing ambient temperature.

4. Ash Volume

The filter paper with large ash capacity can absorb the dust, and will not completely block the voids in the fibers, so as to hinder the circulation of clean air.


How long does the air filter of air compressor change?

How long does the air filter of the air compressor change? Just like people's clothes, dirty clothes need to be cleaned, but air compressor air filter is a disposable consumer goods can not be used repeatedly, to a certain period of time to be regularly replaced. So how long does it take for air compressor air filters to be replaced? This is not only determined by the quality of air filter of air compressor, but also related to the environment of air compressor room. The expiration of air filter of air compressor is harmful. The expiration of air filter of air compressor means that the air filter of air compressor is used for more than 2000 hours or continues to use after the failure of air filter. The expiration of air filter of air compressor will cause potential safety hazards to our air compressor. For example, the insufficient exhaust of the unit affects the production; the excessive resistance of the filter element, the increase of the energy of the unit, the increase of the actual compression ratio of the unit, the increase of the load of the main engine, and the shortening of the service life of the unit; the damage of the filter element results in the entry of foreign bodies into the main engine, leading to the lock-up or even scrap of the main engine.


Warm Tip: Change the air filter in time to eliminate the hidden trouble of the air compressor in the bud. Generally good air compressor air filter can use 1500-2000 hours, after expiration must be replaced. But if your air compressor room environment is dirty, such as textile mill waste is dirty, so a better air compressor filter will be replaced in 4 months to 6 months.