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Basic working principle of oil and gas separator
- Sep 03, 2018 -

Operating principle:

The operating principle of Oil&gas separator filter cartridge is“polymerization”.Micron-sized glass fiber layers separate oil droplets from the compressed air, then the oil droplets gather together into larger oil droplets and then return to the oil circuit of compressor at last.This separation can reach sub-micron level to ensure the least amount of oil consumption of the compressor and the oil enter pipe network, but the oil vapor and fume can not be separated out.


Separation of oil droplets:

The effects from all kinds of physical methods to oil droplets absorption for micron glass fiber depends on the size of oil droplets.The number, diameter of fiber and flow rate are the main factors that determine the efficiency of the separation .Therefore, the interaction among inertia, capillary effect and diffusion effect could achieve the best results through improved design. At the first separation stage, small oil droplets gather together into larger oil droplets, then get through the glass fiber layers, and sink to the bottom of clean air side at last. At the second separation stage, a small amount of residual droplets in the air are continued to be separated.Suitable filter materials and low resistance ensure the vast majority of oil droplets in air can be separated and excluded, and this is also applicable to the case of little load fluctuation.


Oil return:

The methods of oil return are various and depend on the structure of the compressors. The standard design methods of Oil&gas separator filter cartridge is: the mixed gas of oil and air flow from outside to inside, during which the oil is separated and stored at the clean air side of Oil&gas separator filter cartridge. Then the oil is extracted by an oil return pipe at the center and just pump out from the bottom of Oil&gas separator filter cartridge by the pipe.