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Cause analysis and preventive measures of the main engine of the screw air compressor.
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Common problems in operation and maintenance of Air Compressors:

37. Cause analysis and preventive measures of the main engine of the screw air compressor.

        (1) cause analysis. 

        The screw type air compressor fuel injection means that the air inlet of the air compressor is injected outwards. Usually occurs in a sudden shutdown, such as air compressor motor power failure or manual emergency shutdown, when the air compressor suddenly shut down and did not timely open the relief valve to discharge air compressor oil and gas barrel residual gas, if the intake check valve can not close, the air compressor intake spray lubricant outward.


        (2) preventive measures. 

        When the screw air compressor sprays oil, the treatment method should first check whether the oil-breaking solenoid valve is faulty, if it is normal, then further check whether the check valve on the main exhaust pipe can be closed or closed in time is complete, if there is a fault should be removed. At present, Twin-screw air compressor is no longer generally installed with oil-breaking solenoid valve, so the main reason for fuel injection is the check valve. Stainless steel valve is recommended for the selection of check valve, because the compressed air contains moisture ordinary cast iron valve oxidation rust rate is very fast, resulting in check valve rust jam and lax closure.


        Once the power is cut off, the solenoid valve functions, the intake butterfly valve closes, preliminary isolation, but the intake butterfly valve generally has air holes or gaps, can not be completely isolated from the outside, heavy hammer check valve to feel the pressure changes, emergency closure, this is the most effective and final measures to prevent oil spitting. At present, Twin Screw Air Compressor generally does not install oil break valve, after shutting down through the check valve to separate, pressure to the main engine oil in the machine to unload to zero, gravity flow back to the oil and gas barrel, weight check valve is the most effective way, but at present some domestic manufacturers generally use piston intake valve (or) to save costs. Lifting valve, with the spring control piston to play a dual role of air intake regulation and check, a long time piston wear is inevitable, stop oil will occur, is normal shutdown will also occur shutdown oil phenomenon. Therefore, manufacturers of such intake valves generally require 3000 to 5000h replacement of pistons.