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Changing the oil does not change the oil filter, equal to white!
- Sep 17, 2018 -

During maintenance, changing the oil is the most common item, but "do you need to change the filter when changing oil?" Before talking about the oil filter, let's talk about the oil.


What is the oil used for?


The oil is lubricated to the air compressor to prevent the air compressor from rubbing each other and damaging the air compressor. In addition, it can also cool down the air compressor, corrosion and rust prevention, sealing to prevent leakage, as well as shock absorption and cushioning role, in short is to protect the air compressor.


Why do I need to change the oil?


 The oil itself contains a certain amount of gum, impurities, water and additives. At the same time, during the working process of the air compressor, the metal debris is brought in, the impurities in the air are brought in, and the oil oxide is produced, which makes the impurities in the oil gradually increase.


Then, what is the oil filter?

If the oil is the blood of the air compressor, then the oil filter is liver and lung, filter most of the impurities in the oil, keep the oil clean. High quality oil filters reduce oil consumption and reduce harmful gas emissions.

What is the relationship between the oil filter and the oil?


Machine filtration is mainly to filter out harmful impurities in the oil of oil pan, and supply clean oil to crankshaft, piston ring, etc. to lubricate, clean and prolong the life of components.


Do you need a replacement filter when changing oil? 微信图片_20180810103129_副本_副本.jpg


The answer is yes. If only the new oil is replaced but not the oil filter, about 25% of the pollutants in the old filter will re-enter the oil cycle, which not only increases the wear and tear opportunities, but also reduces the performance of the new oil.


When should I change the oil?


The new engine should be replaced with oil filter 500 hours after the first operation.
It is recommended to replace the oil filter every 1500-2000 hours. The replacement cycle should be shortened when the environment is bad.

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