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Environmental protection in the use of compressor filter
- Jul 21, 2018 -

In terms of permeability, primary parameters can be selected according to the parameters of the maximum intercept particle size provided by the filter provider. Filter cloth has an important influence on the initial filtration accuracy of the filter press, but the initial filtering accuracy is not higher. Because the filter press after a period of filter layer, the filter cloth interception effect is very small, the real filter effect is " filter layer " form a good " filter layer " also the key to the use of the filter press. Material properties, through the chemical and physical properties of the material, the selection of suitable material for filter cloth, usually a regular filter equipment factory will be a total of very detailed technical data, users can be selected through the data. When the filter cloth is selected, it is better to choose a better filter cloth with better regenerative function. This filter cloth can be washed directly on the filter press, and can also reduce the number of changes of the filter cloth. After the replacement, the probability of the recovery of the filter power is over 80%.