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Explain the rotor maintenance method of screw type air compressor.
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Common problems in operation and maintenance of Air Compressors:

14.Explain the rotor maintenance method of screw type air compressor.

In the overhaul of screw type air compressors, problems such as wear and rust will inevitably occur. Generally speaking, even if the twin-screw head is used for more than ten years (as long as it is used normally), its rotor wear is not obvious, that is to say, its efficiency will not drop too much. At this time, the rotor is only slightly worn for servicing the rotor.

The collision and dismantling of the rotor can not occur during the disassembly and assembly of the rotor.

If the screw rotor has been worn seriously, that is, the leakage caused by the exhaust gas can not meet the user's requirements, it must be repaired.

Repair can be processed by spraying and screw machine.

However, because most of the service providers do not improve these services, it is difficult to complete. Of course, the screw can be repaired by hand after spraying, which needs to know the specific profile equation of the screw, process a module for manual repair, and design a special tooling to complete the repair work.