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Filter structure of filter press
- Jul 21, 2018 -

A filter plate consists of a filter plate, a filter frame and a filter press diaphragm. The two sides of the filter plate are wrapped by a filter cloth. A group of filter plates is composed of a diaphragm and a side plate when the press membrane needs to be configured. The diaphragm of the diaphragm board is covered with rubber diaphragm on both sides, and the filter cloth is wrapped outside the diaphragm, and the side plate is an ordinary filter plate. The material enters the filter chamber from the feed hole on the thrust plate, and the solid particles are intercepted in the filter chamber because the diameter of the particle size is larger than the filter media (filter cloth), and the filtrate is efflux from the outlet of the liquid outlet under the filter plate. When the filter cake needs to be squeezed, the air or steam can be compressed and the air or steam can be compressed. The water content in the filter cake is washed through the washing mouth, and the moisture content of the filter cake is reduced.

(1) water filtration mode: the filtrate flow way is clear flow filtration and undercurrent filtration.

A, open flow filtration, and the outlet of each filter plate is equipped with water outlet force.

B, dark flow filtering, the bottom of each filter plate has a liquid hole, a number of filter plate out of the liquid Kong Liancheng a liquid outlet, by the outlet of the plug in the pipe out of the pipe discharge (generally used in toxic and harmful substances).

(2) washing method: when the cake is washed, there should be one way washing and two way washing, underflow one-way washing and two way washing.

When the A and the open flow is one way washing, the washing liquid enters from the washing hole of the thrust plate in turn, through the filter cloth and then through the filter cake to flow out from the non hole filter plate, when the outlet of the hole plate is closed, and the outlet of the unperforated plate is open.

B, open flow two-way washing is, washing liquid from the top of the board on both sides of the laundering hole two times after washing, that is, washing liquid first from one side washing and then washing from the other side, the export of lotion and import is diagonal direction, so it is called two-way cross washing.

C, underflow one-way wash, the lotion from the thrust plate of the wash hole into the perforated plate in turn, through the filter cloth and then pass through the filter cake, from the non porous filter plate outflow.

D, dark current two-way washing is, the washing liquid from the top of the thrust plate on both sides of the two washing holes after two washing, washing first from one side of the washing, then washing from the other side, the export of lotion and imports are diagonal direction, so it is called the dark current two-way cross washing.

(3) filter cloth: filter cloth is a main filter medium, the selection and use of filter cloth has a decisive effect on the filtering effect. The filter material and the diameter hole should be selected according to the pH value of the filter material and the size of the solid particle size to ensure the low filtration cost and high filtration effect. The fabric is unfolded and the aperture is unimpeded.