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Five aspects of analysis of air compressor oil separator blocking problem
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Many users will find that the oil and gas separator will be blocked frequently when using the air compressor. The blockage of oil separator will result in irregular oil circulation, serious high temperature shutdown of the machine and other problems, making the air compressor unable to work properly. So what causes the blockage?

Surrounding environment

The location requirements for air compressors are less dust, clean air and good ventilation. The impurities such as dust and particles in the air will react with lubricating oil when they enter the air compressor system, resulting in carbon deposition and sludge. For example, cement, coal mine, textile and other industries, must do a good job of air filtration, as well as timely maintenance and replacement of air compressor filter cores and air compressor oil.

Low quality lubricating oil

Lubricants with poor oxidation resistance are not suitable for use. Even if they work for a short time, they will produce carbon deposits and gelatinous substances, which will block up the oil.

Blending of different quality lubricants

Do not mix different grades and different types of air compressor lubricants. Do not mix different manufacturers of air compressor lubricants.

Poor quality of filter element

Air filter with poor filtering accuracy will prevent some dust particles from being intercepted, and will directly enter the air compressor system, resulting in excessive oil filtration and oil load, resulting in blockage. Impurities, oil oxides, worn metal particles entering the air compressor system, due to poor oil filtration accuracy, part of the intercepted oil filter layer, the other part of the impurities have been circulating in the machine until they rise to the oil, and remain in the oil filter layer after separation, leading to premature oil blockage.

Excessive moisture content of filter media

The excessive moisture on the oil separation filter material makes the filter material swell and shrink, reduces the effective separation area of oil, increases the resistance of oil and blockages the oil ahead of time.