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How to check maintenance pressure maintenance valve?
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Common problems in operation and maintenance of Air Compressors:

36.How to check maintenance pressure maintenance valve

        Pressure maintenance valve check is the machine in the loading state, pipeline open or pipeline drain valve open, when the drain valve with pressure air discharge, then observe the pre-separation pressure, this is the opening value of pressure maintenance valve, about 0.45 MPa, indicating normal operation. The maintenance methods are as follows:

         (1) unscrew the spring gland and care for the elasticity in the valve.

         (2) remove the spring gland.

         (3) check the condition of the O ring on the piston and change it if worn out.

         (4) check the sealing ring and replace it if damaged.

         (5) after cleaning with grease, lubricate with high temperature grease and reinstall according to the reverse direction.