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How to distinguish the quality of air filter of air compressor
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Air filter is the first barrier of screw air compressor, and the quality of air filter is very important. If the air filter quality is not good, just like people, the disease from the mouth; if the air filter quality is not good, customers will waste a lot of electricity, will directly affect the working life of lubricant, oil filters, oil separators, bearings. However, the quality of air filter is often ignored by the industry. Many people do not pay attention to the quality of the air filter, feel that as long as it can be used, only when the air filter is absorbed into deformation, they know that the quality of the air filter is not good, and do not know what causes deformation, only know that a new installation is complete.


  • Unit exhaust volume is insufficient, affecting production.

  • Excessive resistance of filter element and increased energy consumption of unit.

  • When the actual compression ratio increases, the main load increases and the life expectancy decreases.

  • The damage of the filter element leads to the entry of foreign matter into the main engine, resulting in host locking or even abandonment.


The quality of the air filter is not simply to look at the price, nor is the more expensive the better, but usually the quality of the air filter price will be slightly higher than a little bit, but not too far apart, (high-quality PU glue air filter price will be about 20-30% higher, high-quality iron cover air filter price will be about 40-50% higher), most importantly To learn how to distinguish the quality of air filter, we can get good quality, and the price is not particularly high.


  1. Waterproof performance, the air contains a lot of moisture is known to everyone, especially in rainy days, water content will be higher in the air, once the air filter waterproof performance is poor, air filter is easy to be damp, air filter humidity will affect the air compressor suction smooth, or even blocked, customers will waste a lot of electricity.

  2. Filtering accuracy.If the filtration accuracy is not high, a large number of tiny dust impurities will be absorbed into the screw air compressor, will affect the working lifeof lubricating oil,oil separators , oil filters, bearings.

  3. Permeability.If the permeability is not good, it will affect the screw air compressor suction unblocked, also easy to plug, customers will waste a lot of electricity testing.


How to measure the quality of air filtration is mainly from the following three aspects:


(1)    Water detection is also the most critical and simplest way to discern. For the inexperienced, water is the best way to check the quality of the air filter. Place the air filter flat on the floor or on the table and sprinkle some water on the filter paper.


a.   If the filter paper seeps into the water within 5 minutes, it is made of cotton pulp paper air filtration, absolutely can not be used, this kind of goods in the screw air compressor industry has a few greedy people.

b.  If the water seeps into the filter paper within 2-5 hours, it is made of low-grade wood pulp paper, can be used, but will affect the screw air compressor scavenging efficiency (more power consumption, less air). Because of the relatively low price of this filter paper, installed on the screw air compressor can also be used, so now the air filter of this filter paper in the air compressor industry is the mainstream, most screw air compressor shops are using this filter paper.

c.  If the filter paper only seeps in 12-15 hours, it belongs to the passable filter paper (medium filter paper), and the domestic screw air compressor factory usually adopts this kind of filter paper as raw material.

d.   If the filter paper does not seep into the 24 hours, it is absolutely superior (high-grade filter paper), usually high-grade machine factory to choose this kind of filter paper as the original filter material.

(2)    To see whether the filter paper is uniform and light transmittance is good to see whether the filter paper surface finish is good. Filter paper is uniform and meticulous to light observation, good transmittance, good surface finish, indicating filter paper filtration accuracy, good air permeability (this simple identification method requires a little experience)


(3)    Look at the depth and fold of the filter paper. If the filter paper is deep and the fold of the filter paper is large, the air filtration area is large and the air permeability is better.


Air filter is not particularly difficult to achieve good waterproof performance, as long as the use of high-quality wood pulp filter paper can meet the requirements, but the cost of production will be slightly higher. The real difficulty is not only to meet the filtration accuracy, but also to meet the permeability, can meet the requirements of these three aspects is the real good air filter.


Finally, I would like to remind customers to diligently clean up the air filter. Cleaning the air filter diligently is not only to better protect the screw compressor, but also to help customers save electricity (dust attached to the surface of the air filter will affect the smooth suction).

Users in particularly harsh environments had better clean up the air filter once a day, 500-800 hours to replace the air filter; customers in the general environment, such as 3-7 days to clean up the air filter, 1000-1500 hours to replace the air filter; customers in a good environment 500-2000 hours to replace the air filter.