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How to replace lubricating oil in screw air compressor?
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Common problems in operation and maintenance of Air Compressors:

44.How to replace lubricating oil in screw air compressor?

        Lubricating oil should be replaced in time when the new engine runs for 500 hours or when the lubricating oil reaches the replacement period, when the lubricating oil enters the water emulsification, and when the carbon deposit blackens. The details are as follows:

        (1) Stop the machine, close the exit door, take measures not to let the relief valve pressure, so that the system maintains a certain residual pressure, conducive to oil drainage.

        (2) The discharge of lubricating oil should be carried out immediately after the shutdown of the air compressor, so that small particles suspended in the oil can be discharged out with the lubricating oil.

        (3) connect the oil drain pipe, open the ball valve, and drain the oil into the waste oil collecting bucket.

        (4) For oil pipelines, coolers and main engines, the oil storage pipelines should also be removed to discharge and clean.

        (5) Close the oil drain ball valve, open the oil injection cap and inject the new lubricating oil until the oil mark is on the right position.In the actual oil exchange work, the oil level can be added to the upper line of the oil mark because all the oil stored in the system is drained away, but it should be paid attention not to inject too much oil, otherwise the excess oil will be taken away by the gas.Cover the oil cap.Notice if the O ring is in the right place.


        (6) When changing oil, the oil filter should be replaced at the same time. When replacing the oil filter, a layer of oil should be coated on the rubber sealing ring of the new oil filter, and the oil should be tightened.

        (7) start the engine and check the oil level after operation. If the oil level is low, add some oil properly.