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Instructions and techniques for the application of air filter
- Jul 21, 2018 -

Air filter is an important guarantee for air compressors. Proper maintenance and maintenance plays a vital role in the service life and reliability of air compressors. Air filter is a component to filter the dust and dirt from the air. The clean air after the filter enters the compression chamber of the screw rotor. The internal clearance of the screw machine is only allowed to filter out the particles within 15 mu m. If the air filter is blocked and damaged, a large number of particles larger than 15 mu into the inner cycle of the screw machine, not only shortening the oil filter greatly, but not only greatly shortening the oil filter. The service life of the oil and gas separation core will cause a large number of particles to enter the bearing cavity directly, accelerate the wear of the bearing to increase the clearance of the rotor, reduce the compression efficiency and even kill the rotor.

Maintenance and maintenance of air filter

First, the air filter is best maintained every week, unscrewing the cap nut, taking out the air filter core, using 0.2-0.4Mpa to compress the air, blowing out the dust particles from the outer surface of the air filter core from the inner cavity of the air filter core, cleaning the stolen goods on the inner wall of the air filter shell with clean cloth and returning the air filter. Pay attention to the sealing ring of the front end of the filter element and the inner face of the air cleaner shell. The heavy air filter can directly open the shell, and the maintenance method is the same as above.

Two, the air filter under normal condition 1500-2000 hours change, the environment especially bad use place, such as mine, ceramic factory, cotton mill, and so on, recommended 500 hours to replace the air filter cartridge.

Three, when cleaning or replacing air filters, parts must be individually aligned to prevent foreign objects from falling into the intake valve.

Four, at ordinary times, it is necessary to check regularly whether the expansion pipe of the air intake is damaged or flattened, and whether there is any loosening or leakage of the connection between the expansion pipe and the intake valve of the air filter. Repair and replace in time if it is found.