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Maintenance and maintenance of filter press
- Jul 21, 2018 -

1, the belt filter press, which is normally adjusted by the Yalong filter press, can be fed into the machine, and the whole machine should be inspected thoroughly before each shift. Mechanical pressing transmission parts and reducer must be added to lubricating oil; hydraulic pressure is pressed to check oil storage quantity and working pressure of hydraulic station. Hydraulic oil is usually replaced once a year, and the hydraulic system should be cleaned once every year. The pressure of hydraulic station is less than the high working pressure of oil cylinder, but it can not be lower than the permissible value of filtration pressure. Too small will cause greater leakage and damage the machine.

2, the Yalong filter press is prohibited to start work in the condition that the filter plate is less than the required quantity, so as to avoid damaging the machine parts. Check the arrangement of filter plate before feeding, filter cloth can not be folded, prevent larger leakage; after unloading, filter plate should be closely pressed and arranged neatly.

3. Pressure filtration of filter plate can be pressed in normal rear. Filtration pressure and filtration temperature must be within the specified range. Filtration pressure is too high to cause leakage. The filtration temperature is too high and the plastic filter plate is easily deformed. The concentration of suspension should be uniform when the material is added. There must be no impurity; the filter cloth and filter plate should be washed clean, and the residue is not allowed to paste on the sealing surface or feed channel. Otherwise, it will affect the flow of the material and the seal of the filter plate, thus the pressure of the filter plate on both sides of the filter plate is unbalance, resulting in the deformation and damage of the filter plate.

4, the selection of filter cloth should conform to the filter technical requirements of the filter, the new filter cloth should be reduced before the production of the filter, the diameter of the hole should be less than the diameter of the filter plate. When the filter plate is matched, the hole and the plate hole should be relative concentric, the feeding hole cloth should be attached to the wall, otherwise, the filter is not clear, the filtration rate is low, the barrel is broken, and the expected filtering order can not be reached. The consequences.

5, belt filter press in the initial stage of filtration, filtering is turbid. When the filter cloth forms a layer of filter cake, the filtrate will become clear. If the filtrate is always cloudy or mixed, it may be the filter cloth is damaged or the hole is deviate from the plate hole. At this time, the valve should be closed or the feed material should be stopped to replace the filter cloth. A small amount of leakage caused by filter capillarity is allowed between the filter plates.

6. When moving the filter plate, the force should be uniform and proper. No collision and beating should be allowed, so as not to damage the cover and filter wrench handle. When the filter is used for a period of time, it will be hardened and the performance is reduced. For this reason, periodic inspection is needed. If there is a change that affects the filtration rate, the corresponding low concentration weak acid and weak base can be used for neutralization cleaning to restore the function of the filter cloth and replace it in time.

7, slurry, lotion or compressed air valve, must be operated according to the operation procedure, can not be used at the same time, the compressed air pressure can not exceed the filter pressure when the diaphragm squeezing.