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Matters needing attention in daily use of screw air compressor
- Oct 06, 2018 -

This article mainly introduces the matters needing attention in the daily use of the lower screw air compressor and the preparation work before the maintenance of the air compressor.

First, we need to understand the importance of lubricating oil and regular oil change.

Air compressor special oil is semi-synthetic oil, its service life is usually 3000-4000 hours. Pay attention to the quality of oil, pay attention to the oil level in operation, the operation of the oil level indication must be in the green area, the operation should focus on controlling the oil temperature, avoid water in the oil tank. Regular replacement of lubricating oil, lubricating oil not only to replace the tank oil, if so, there will be 15% of the oil can not be exhausted, but also the reversing valve, oil break valve, oil cooler plug and other places to open the oil and the remaining oil in the pipeline to ensure that the oil drained out to ensure the cleanliness of the new added oil.

Two. Good ventilation in the cabinet.

Three. Regularly check running, dripping and leaking.

Compressed air leakage in most systems between 10% and 25% of the leakage is typical, compressed air leakage requires the unit to constantly load to meet the pressure requirements, will consume more electricity, oil leakage system will accelerate the loss of oil, need to increase the cost of supplementary oil. Therefore, the leakage of compressed air pipe network should be checked regularly and the leakage of oil path should be checked. To reduce production costs.

Four. Regularly add grease to motor.

Five, regularly measure current and voltage.

The unbalanced three-phase voltage of 1% will cause a phase current to exceed 10%; the unbalanced three-phase voltage of 3.5% will increase the temperature rise of the motor by 25%. Therefore, the current and voltage should be detected regularly. When the motor is connected, it must not be reversed. Otherwise, the injection screw will be reversed, resulting in bearing damage and screw being bitten to death.

Six, The surface of the motor should be cleaned, and dust and insect debris should be removed from the windshield and radiator of the motor.

Seven, air compressor equipment should be regularly maintained by 4000H and 8000h.

Eight. Importance of preventive maintenance for fuel injection compressors

Air filter, filter accuracy≤20-30μm, air filter blockage will lead to compression ratio and temperature rise at the same time, and reduce the performance, the steel wire clamped intake pipe is flattened by negative pressure. The air filter over-considers the accuracy insufficiently, the screw type air compressor opportunity causes the dust to enter the oil circulation system, the dirty lubrication oil, blocked the oil filter and the oil-gas separator and so on, causes the bigger loss.

Poor intake valve will result in poor unit performance, energy waste and oil entering the air.

Oil and gas separator filtration accuracy ≤0.1μm, residual oil content ≤3PPM, screw air compressor oil and gas separator failure will cause stronger oil flow, or oil and gas separation is not good, resulting in more oil residues into the end user's air network.

Minimum pressure valve. Failure of the valve prevents oil from entering and causes low oil pressure, which in turn causes failure of the lubricating oil seal between the rotors. In addition, it may cause compressed air to flow backward from the air pipe.

Temperature control valve, when the temperature of lubricating oil is lower than 60℃,screw type air compressor oil temperature valve action, so that oil does not pass through the oil cooler directly after the oil filter to the nose, in fact, this kind of situation is almost not occurring. Failure of the valve may result in bypass of the oil cooler and subsequent oil temperature rise, oil system failure and high temperature jump.

Oil filter, filter accuracy ≤10-12μm, oil filter failure may lead to head oil shortage and high temperature, or enter the host without considering.

Oil break valve, break valve failure will make oil can not be injected into the rotor, screw air compressor and then lead to the rotor bite or failure.

Nine. Matters needing attention in installation of air compressors

The condensate pipes should be separately led to the drain.

The cooling water inlet pipe must be strainer.

Cooling water should pay attention to water quality, flow, pressure, temperature and so on.

Ten, case analysis, common fault judgement

Abnormal unit loading and unloading, abnormal start-up and stop, abnormal exhaust pressure, etc., usually belong to the fault of control system.

Unit leakage, lack of oil; the head of the oil temperature discharged from the ultra-high or ultra-low and so on - usually belong to the problem of oil system.

Unit exhaust pressure abnormal or exhaust medium oil, screw air compressor water overweight; internal and external pressure imbalance, etc. - usually belong to the problem of air passage system.

Abnormal noise, excessive vibration and excessive running current are the main and motor system faults.