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Replacement cycle of air filter
- Jul 21, 2018 -

Air filter is what we often call "air filter". Air filter is a basic item in maintenance. For different car replacement cycles, there is a natural difference, so there is no absolute standard, because it depends on the number of air filters, such as dust and impurities. It's also an air filter, which can be replaced 30 thousand kilometers or more in a vehicle that runs on a freeway for a long time, and it is likely to be replaced in two months for a shuttle and a rural cross-country car. Of course, these two cases are very extreme, for ordinary urban vehicles, the replacement of an air filter every year or 2 kilometres is more appropriate.

Of course, the time or mileage of the vehicle is only a reference value, and the factor that ultimately determines whether the air filter needs to be replaced is whether it has not allowed enough air to pass. The air filter must ensure that the impurities in the air are filtered out and enough air is allowed to enter the engine.

It needs to be explained that the air filter after working for a period of time is actually more efficient than the new air filter. This is because the impurities that air filters have absorbed can help it catch more tiny dust. Eventually, the air filter will still affect the operation of the engine due to the accumulation of too much dust. At this point, the fuel economy, power and emissions will gradually deteriorate, until you change a new air cleaner.