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Sharing air compressor daily maintenance matters needing attention
- Sep 30, 2018 -

1. Air compressor before or after each operation:

  (1) Oil and gas tank drain;

  (2) Check the oil level;

  (3) Peripheral equipment preparation, such as sending water and sending electricity, opening compressor outlet valve and so on.

2. The air compressor runs for 500 hours.

  (1) Clean the air filter element and clean it from inside to outside with 0.2MPa low pressure compressed air.

  (2) the first oil change filter after the new machine is used.

  (3) replace coolant;

  (4) clean air filter cartridge filter element;

  (5) clean drain valve cartridge.

3. The air compressor runs for 1000 hours.

  (1) check intake valve action and active parts and add grease.

  (2) clean air filter;

  (3) inspect the fastening bolts and fastening screw bolts.

4. Air compressor runs for 2000 hours or 6 months:

  (1) check the pipeline;

  (2) replace air filter element;

  (3) replace the oil filter;

  (4) replace the filter cartridge of the air filter cup;

  (5) replace the automatic drain valve cartridge;

  (6) supplementary motor grease.

5. Air compressor runs for 3000 hours or a year.

  (1) check the action of intake valve and whether the valve plate is closed.

  (2) check all solenoid valves;

  (3) check whether the protection differential switches are working normally.

  (4) replace oil separator;

  (5) check pressure maintenance valve;

  (6) clean the cooler and replace the ring.

  (7) replace air filter element and oil filter element;

  (8) check the action of starter.

6, air compressor every 6000 hours:

(1) cleaning the cooling liquid system;

  (2) replace the advanced coolant of screw air compressor (the replacement cycle with exhaust temperature below 85℃).

7, air compressor every 20000 hours or 4 years:

  (1) replace body bearings, oil seals and adjust clearance.

  (2) measurement of motor insulation should be more than 1M ohm.