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The basic structure and function of the oil filter
- Sep 14, 2018 -

微信图片_20180810103129_副本_副本_副本.jpgBecause of the high cost of special oil for compressor, we recommend you to use high quality oil filter to protect the oil well and thereby to protect the other elements of the compressor system. MANFEITE's oil filters designed professionally can meet the  requirements of compressor to work under high temperature and high pressure environments. As same function as air filter and Oil&gas separator filter cartridge, oil filter in air compressor is also a key link of running chain in which the weakest part may impair the performance of whole system seriously.If the oil filter can not work properly,deposited dirt could impose negative effects on Oil&gas separator filter cartridge,precision filter and the other parts of machine, even shorten filter life dramatically and increase maintenance costs of compressor.



It can filter the metal particles and impurities in the special oil of compressor, guarantee the oil into main engine is clean and protect the safe operation of main engine.微信图片_20180809141356_副本_副本_副本.jpg



Rotary oil filter consists of external shell and internal cartridge. Depending on application,its materials may be various,such as different check valve,bypass valve. The oil to be filtered will flow through concentric orifices into inner cover, via the filter cartridge and flow out through the centric connecting hole finally.A detachable gasket ring is attached to the cover to ensure the sealing effect under any operating conditions.