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The effect of severe cold weather on air compressor
- Dec 07, 2018 -

    The Impact of Severe Cold on Air Compressors

When the cold air enters the air compressor, it will produce a lot of water vapor when it meets high temperature, which will increase the burden of water vapor filtration after the air compressor treatment, so it is necessary to discharge water in the post-treatment equipment from time to time.

Compressed air enters the production area through pipes and is used by users. Some of these pipes are buried underground and some are in the air.

In cold weather, the open pipe may cause some humidity because of the low temperature, and some even because of the increase of humidity, which will have a certain impact on the normal use of users. For example, in the laser cutting industry, if the oil content in compressed air is too high, it will affect the accuracy of the cutting process. In mining industry, wet compressor may not affect the normal use of pneumatic tools, but it will affect the strength of pneumatic tools. After shutdown in winter, we must pay attention to emptying all gases, sewage, water, water, gas and oil in all kinds of pipes and air bags. Because the temperature of the unit is relatively high in winter, after shutdown, there will be a lot of condensate water after air cooling. It is easy to make the control pipes exist in all kinds of control pipes. Hidden dangers such as blockage and cracking.

 Effect of Severe Cold on Lubricating Oil of Air Compressor

Oil circuit system is an important part of air compressor circulation system.

In the normal operation process, the oil system will produce friction because of the rotation of the machine, and the heat generated by friction will make the temperature of the lubricating oil rise. Low temperatures are very helpful for the oil system that needs to be cooled. But for standby equipment or air compressors that do not start all the year round, when they start up again at low temperature, the oil pipeline may condensate because of low temperature, so starting will fail, so it is necessary to check the oil pipeline system to see if the lubricant is in normal condition. For the storage of lubricating oil, it is generally required to store in a heated room. If stored outdoors, the lubricating oil may be frozen and condensed because of the low temperature, and can not be used immediately when needed.The influence of low temperature in winter on air compressor is good or bad, not only in the operation of air compressor, but also in the maintenance of air compressor and the storage of spare parts. Attention should be paid to the operation of air compressor at low temperature, regular maintenance and prevention of air compressor failure to ensure the safety and normal operation of production. For some electric air compressors, because of the high oil viscosity in the lubricating parts of the unit and the relatively low voltage in some mines, it is easy to cause relatively difficult start-up when the unit starts in winter. Generally, the method is to first discard the unit 2-3 cycles and point the air compressor 3-4 times.

After the unit is started, the air compressor runs for 10 minutes, stops, and then restarts. Generally, it can make the unit run normally.

Key Protection Points of Air Compressors in Winter

  1. Do a good job of cold-proof measures for electronic drainage valve and pipeline system

    The compressed air from the air machine will contain some moisture, which will be frozen in the pipeline or other parts when the condensate is removed by the automatic drain valve due to the influence of low temperature outside.

  2. Do a good job of cold-proof measures of indoor temperature in computer room

    When the temperature drops, the viscosity of the lubricating oil of the air compressor will rise, which will have a great impact on the restart of the air compressor after a period of shutdown.It also affects the life of the machine.

  3.  Confirmation of the working status of automatic drain valves for air compressors, gas storage tanks, dryers and filters

    When off duty or equipment stops, drainage valves such as pipes, gas storage tanks and dryers are fully opened, and the condensate water is arranged and cleaned before the valve is closed.

  4. Air compressor room temperature above zero

    Close or adjust the vent to adjust the indoor temperature
    When the compressor shuts down or does not work, it is necessary to turn on the electric heater properly to regulate the temperature.

  5. Management of press during shutdown

    After the compressor shuts down, the gas must be discharged to the display to display 0.0bar and the valve must be closed.
    After the compressor shuts down, the gas must be discharged to the display to display 0.0bar and the valve must be closed.
    When a long downtime occurs, you must start it once a week and repeat it three hours later.

In cold and low temperature weather, it will increase the occurrence of air compressor unit failure. Therefore, we should always pay attention to the operation of air compressor, adhere to regular maintenance, prevent air compressor failure, to ensure the safety of production and smooth progress of work.