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The importance of filter paper in the filter cartridge
- Sep 12, 2018 -


As an effective filter medium, filter paper has been widely used in various fields. Depending on the type of fiber constituting the filter paper, the performance and use of the filter paper are different. There are ordinary filter papers for general occasions, glass fiber filter papers for high temperature, and polypropylene filter papers for ultra-clean ect..


     The filter paper structure is a labyrinth structure composed of fibers and channels. This structure, together with the physical forces associated with the fluid, constitutes the filtering function of the filter paper. The filtration mechanism is as follows:

1. Direct capture or interception

       In the process, someone mistakenly thought that it was the only factor that formed the filtration, and thought that the dirt particles were blocked in the surface of the inflow surface or in the labyrinth simply because they were larger than the aperture. Actually, there are still:

2. Adsorption

      When the filtered fluid passes through the labyrinth, although some of the particles are much smaller in diameter than the pore size, these small particles are adsorbed onto the filter paper by electrostatic attraction. Therefore, some filter materials have special static electricity during the manufacturing process.

3. The impact falls into

      During this process, due to the flow rate, the particles directly sink into the surface of the filter paper fibers rather than staying in the pores of the filter paper, and are held by the adsorptive force and the flow force of the fluid, thereby also blocking some of the smaller particles.

4. Filter agglomerates

      As the dirt particles accumulate on the surface of the filter paper, it forms a filter layer itself, thereby capturing smaller particles in the pores between the large particles. As the particles continue to increase, the resistance is continuously increased until Finally completely blocked or reached the pressure difference.


      The production of filter paper is simple. It is nothing more than immersing a variety of fibers in a water-based binder to completely disperse them, and then forming a tightly bonded connecting paper roll on the screen, which is dried, dipped, and dried. Acceptable humidity levels. However, in fact, the production of high-efficiency filter paper, to maintain the consistency of batch and batch, volume and volume even year-to-year performance, requires a narrow range of weight, porosity, gas permeability, strength, etc.


      The filter material in the filter must prevent the filter system from being damaged by harmful particles while allowing sufficient fluid to pass through to avoid voids in the pump, the pump barrel, and the combustion chamber. A theoretically perfect filter should filter out 100% of the contaminated particles while providing consistent gas permeability. But in reality this is impossible.

      The design of the filter paper must be done with the utmost effort to balance the various indicators to effectively protect the system to be filtered. The oil filter requires higher filter paper than the air filter, mainly because the concentration of the oil changes correspondingly under severe temperature changes, which affects the filtration flow rate of the oil.

      The filter paper of the high-quality oil filter can filter impurities and ensure sufficient flow under severe temperature changes. If the filter element is made of a low-priced filter paper, the filter paper has a large aperture, poor uniformity, and low filtration efficiency, and the harmful impurities harmful to the engine cannot be effectively filtered, which causes premature engine wear. MANFEITE filter products use the original filter material, which has higher filtration precision and more effective protection of the engine.