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The influence of poor quality air filter on engine
- Oct 24, 2018 -

The air enters the engine through the air filter. The turbocharger is the first level of the engine. After the compressed air enters the intercooler, it flows through the intake pipe (some engines have Intake Preheating system), and then it is pressed into the intake manifold. Finally, the manifold is pressed into the cylinder and mixed with diesel fuel for combustion.


In fact, the filter accuracy is not the only criterion to judge the quality of the filter element, the inlet resistance is a hard indicator of the filter element.


Then, if the air filter element filtration accuracy is insufficient or the inlet resistance is not up to standard, what harm will it produce?


Harm 1

Insufficient intake and reduced combustion efficiency. If the air filter is used as a mask, the poor breathing will lead to the weakening of cardiac pacing ability. Similarly, due to the excessive intake resistance, insufficient intake will lead to lower engine combustion efficiency.


The engine is likely to suffer from insufficient power. Carbon deposit caused by insufficient fuel combustion will cause serious damage to the internal parts of the injector, cylinder head valve and so on.


Harm 2

The intake system parts are damaged. Due to the inadequacy of air filtration accuracy, the amount of dust and impurities in the air of the engine increases, and some parts of the engine are precision parts which are easily damaged by impurities in the air. The first one is the turbocharger, the dust in the air will cause the bearing of the turbocharger wear and tear, even impeller fracture, resulting in oil leakage, turbocharger lubrication is poor, insufficient gas, will inevitably lead to engine performance decline.


The air filter element is made up of filter screen and filter material (dry filter paper, carbon fiber filter element and so on). If the filtration accuracy is not enough and the filter quality is too poor, it will cause a series of damage to the engine.


Harm 3

The quality of filter net is poor, and the adhesive material falls off. Failure of the filter screen will not only lead to a lower filtration accuracy, but also the possibility of dropping iron chips being sucked into the turbocharger or causing fatal damage to the blades.


Harm 4

The blockage of intercooler leads to poor ventilation. When air is inhaled through a turbocharger, the temperature rises sharply, and when it is cooled by an intercooling system, the cold air becomes denser, allowing more air to enter the cylinder. However, if there are too many impurities in the air, it will lead to poor ventilation of the intercooling system, and the cooling effect will be reduced.


Harm 5

Aggravate engine wear. Dust inhalation air intake system will aggravate the wear and tear of cylinder block, piston, piston ring and other components, resulting in engine combustion efficiency reduction and service life decay. At the same time, this is also an incentive for engine power consumption, power weakening and start-up difficulties.


The damage caused by poor quality air filter is not alarmist, in the case of engine failure we come into contact with, a large part of abnormal wear and tear caused, and poor quality air filter is one of the culprits.


High-quality filter elements use qualified filter paper to ensure air flow while effectively filtering air to protect the engine, poor accessories are behind the engine stealth killer.