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The reason and necessity of periodic overhaul of air compressor mainframe.
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Common problems in operation and maintenance of air compressors:

18.The reason and necessity of periodic overhaul of air compressor mainframe.

(1) clearance adjustment.

        1) the radial clearance between the rotor and the rotor of the main engine increases. The direct consequence is that the compressor in the process of compression leakage increased, the compressed air discharged from the machine smaller volume. In terms of efficiency, compression efficiency of compressors is reduced.


        2) Increasing the clearance between the rotor and the back cover and the bearing will mainly affect the sealing and compression efficiency of the compressor, and have a great impact on the service life of the rotor, overhaul adjusting the clearance between the rotor and the shell to avoid scratches or wear.


        3) Intense friction may occur between the screw, between the screw and the front and rear end surfaces, between the screw and the housing of the main engine, and the motor will be in overloaded working condition, which will seriously endanger the safe operation of the motor. If the electrical protection device of the air compressor is insensitive or invalid, it may also cause the motor to burn down.


(2) wear treatment. 

        As we all know,there is wear and tear in the operation of machinery, under normal circumstances, because of lubricant lubrication, wear and tear will reduce a lot, but long-term high-speed operation, wear and tear is slowly increasing. Screw air compressors usually use imported bearings, and their service life is also limited to about 3000h. As for the main engine of air compressor, there are still some parts such as shaft seal, gearbox and so on. If slight wear does not take the correct preventive measures, it is easy to lead to wear increase, causing damage to components.


(3) main engine cleaning.

        The internal parts of the main engine of the air turbine are in high temperature and high pressure environment for a long time, coupled with high-speed operation, and there will be dust and impurities in the ambient air. After entering the machine, these fine solid substances will accumulate into larger solid blocks with the accumulation of carbon in the lubricating oil, which may lead to the main engine stuck.


(4) cost increase. 


        The cost refers to the maintenance cost and the electricity cost. Because the main engine of the air compressor has not been overhauled for a long time, the wear of the components increases, and some abrasive impurities remain in the main engine cavity, which will shorten the lubricant life. At the same time, due to impurities, the use time of the oil-gas separator core and the oil filtration period is greatly shortened, resulting in increased maintenance costs. In the aspect of power cost, the increase of friction and the decrease of compression efficiency will inevitably lead to the increase of power cost. In addition, the decrease of air volume and compressed air quality caused by the main engine of air compressor will also lead to the indirect increase of production cost.


        In summary: normal overhaul of the main engine is the basic requirement of equipment maintenance, and there are serious security risks in overtime use. At the same time, it will bring serious direct and indirect economic losses to production. Therefore, it is not only necessary but also necessary to carry out the overhaul of the air compressor mainframe on time and according to the standard.


        At present, state maintenance is recommended for transfer equipment, and the above contents can be used for reference.