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The roles of air compressor filters in air compressor
- Sep 13, 2018 -

The company regularly replaces the air compressor with filter cartridges for the normal and stable operation of the air compressor and meets the requirements for the operation of the gas components. The air compressor three filters and oil function in the use of the air compressor:

1. Air filter mainly filters the dust in the intake air. If it is not replaced for a long time, it will affect the intake air quality, so that the oil filter, oil, and lubricant use time will be shortened. When the lubricant is deteriorated, the body will be stuck. In addition, the air filter is blocked, and the air volume of the air compressor will be reduced.


2. The oil filter mainly filters the impurities in the lubricating oil, and the long-term non-replacement affects the life of the lubricating oil. If the oil filter is blocked, the oil circulation will be unsatisfactory, and the machine will stop at high temperature. In severe cases, the body will be stuck due to lack of oil.

3. The main function of the oil is to filter the oil in the oil and gas mixture to ensure that the compressed gas contains less oil. Make the compressed gas clean. Poor oil can cause fuel consumption. The oil blockage will cause the air compressor operating current to be too large, and in severe cases, the machine will not be opened.

4. Lubricating oil plays four roles in the operation of air compressors---lubrication, sealing, cooling, and noise reduction. Air compressor three filter refers to air filtration. Gasoline filter and oil filter. "Air compressor three filter" filters the air, oil and gasoline on the car engine, thus protecting the engine and improving the working efficiency of the engine.

Filter cartridges are clean and timely, can fully engine performance, reduce engine failure rate, and help to extend the life of the engine. Generally installed in the oil filter installed in the engine compartment, the air filter is usually installed in the air box, also installed in the engine compartment, the fuel filter is generally on the ground, the position of the beam is the air compressor filter, Its function is to enter the oil-containing compressed air generated by the host into the cooler, mechanically separate into the oil and gas filter for filtration, intercept and polymerize the oil mist in the gas, and form oil droplets concentrated at the bottom of the filter through the return pipe Returning to the compressor lubrication system, the compressor discharges purer, higher quality compressed air; simply a device that removes solid dust, oil and gas particles and liquids from compressed air.

The air filter air filter element produced by Zhongyue Filter Co., Ltd. can be used for 2000 hours under normal conditions, but the actual use depends on the use environment. The air filter is a paper filter with the advantage of efficient filtration. The function of the air filter is to filter the air entering the compressor so that solid impurities such as dust do not enter the compressor main body to prevent sharply increased wear of the relative sliding member. At the same time, the presence of dust can also accelerate the oxidation of the lubricating oil. Therefore, the dust outside the paper core should be removed in time. When the indicator light on the instrument panel is on, it should be cleaned or replaced in time. It is recommended to remove the air filter every week and blow off some of the surface dust.

Air compressor three-filter over-use hazard: The unit's exhaust capacity is insufficient, affecting production; the filter element resistance is too large, the unit energy increases; the actual compression ratio of the unit increases, the main load increases, the life is shortened; the filter element breaks and causes foreign matter to enter the host. A situation in which the host is locked or even scrapped.

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