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The working principle of air filter for air compressor
- Sep 14, 2018 -

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In the compressor system, Oil&gas separator filter cartridge,air filter and oil filter should work closely with each other, so the quality of each component is important. Since the air filter affect the operation of subsequent filter system directly, it is the foremost factor during the process.Only high quality air filter can meet the intake purity requirements of the compressors , which guarantee the economic and reliable operation of the system.


Operating principle:

The filtration principle of air filter generally divided into inertia principle,diffusion principle and electrostatic principle.Air flow can bypass obstacles,while the large dust particles would deviate the direction of air flow and crash into obstacles because of inertia movement.The larger the particles,the stronger the inertia, and the greater likelihood to collide with obstacles, and the better filter effect will get.However,small dust particles’ movement is random Brownian motion.The smaller the dust,the more intense the random motion, and the greater likelihood to collide with obstacles, and the better filter effect can get.If the filter material 微信图片_20180831104309_副本.jpgor dusts are with static electricity, static electricity would change the moving direction of dusts and make them crashed into obstacles and stick firmly to the medium,through which can better filter effect could be ensured. Captured dusts produce additional resistance to air flow, therefore, the resistance of filter will gradually increase when be used day after day. The combination of captured dusts and filter medium is a new larger obstacle to dusts, so the filter effect will be improved during the process.Captured dusts are mostly gathered on the windward face of filter material.The lager filter area, the more dusts it can hold and the longer the service life becomes.Along with the increase of captured dusts, the filter should be scrapped when the resistance exceeds a reasonable degree.