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What are the matters in the operation of the screw air compressor?
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Common problems in operation and maintenance of air compressors:

4.What are the matters in the operation of the  screw air compressor?


(1) when there is abnormal sound and abnormal vibration in operation, it should be stopped immediately.

(2) There are pressures in the running pipeline, so the screw embolism and unnecessary valves, such as traps and blowdown valves, should not be loosened.

(3) during operation,when the oil on the oil level gauge is not visible, and the oil temperature is rising gradually, it should be shut down immediately. After 5 minutes of shutdown (pressure gauge indication to zero), observe the oil level, if the oil quantity is insufficient, when there is no pressure in the system, add lubricant.

(4) check regularly whether the action of the automatic trap is normal, otherwise the moisture will be brought to the system.

(5) Oil and gas tanks should be drained and drained once a week. The unit can not run for a long time,but shoud run at least 2H per week.

(6) In the daily operation check of air compressor, we should pay attention to whether the pressure switch and the joint control program of the air compressor are working normally. The abnormal working condition will lead to the increase of the power consumption of the air compressor. In serious cases, the motor will be burned out because of the frequent start and stop of the compressor.

(7) Do not operate air compressors in areas where flammable or poisonous gases may be present. It is absolutely not allowed to plug the intake port of the compressor during operation. It is absolutely not allowed to breathe compressed air unless it is indicated that it can be used for breathing.

(8) Do not operate beyond the pressure specified on the nameplate, and try not to operate below the pressure specified on the nameplate.

(9) all noise proof hood doors must be closed during operation.