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What are the minor repairs of screw air compressors?
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Common problems in operation and maintenance of air compressors

16.What are the minor repairs of screw air compressors?

There is only a general distinction between Minor repairs, medium repairs and overhauls of air compressors, and there is no absolute boundary, and the specific conditions of each unit are different, so the division is different. The general minor repairs are to eliminate individual defects and replace individual parts of the compressor, including:

        ① Check the carbon deposition of the rotor at the inlet.

        ② Check the intake valve servo cylinder diaphragm.

        ③ Check and tighten screws in all parts.

        ④ Clean up air filters;

        ⑤ Eliminate leakage and oil leakage of air compressor and pipeline;

        ⑥ Clean up the cooler and replace the defective valve.

        ⑦ Check safety valves and pressure gauges, etc.