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What are the overhaul of screw air compressor?
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Common problems in operation and maintenance of Air Compressors:

19.What are the overhaul of screw air compressor?

        (1) overhaul main engine and gearbox:

                ① Replace the rotor bearing of the main engine.

                ② Replace main shaft mechanical seal and oil seal;

                ③ Replace main engine rotor adjusting pad;

                ④ Replace main engine rotor gasket;

                ⑤ Adjust the gear clearance.

                ⑥ Adjust the precision clearance of the main rotor.

                ⑦ Replace main and auxiliary bearing of gear box;

                ⑧ Replace the mechanical seal and oil seal of gear box;

                ⑨ Adjust the precision clearance of gear box.

        (2) motor bearing plus butter.

        (3) check or replace the coupling.

        (4) clean and maintain the air cooler.

        (5) clean and maintain oil cooler.

        (6) check or replace check valve.

        (7) check or replace relief valve.

        (8) clean water vapour separator.

        (9) replace lubricating oil.

        (10) the heat sink surface of the cleaning unit.

        (11) check the working condition of electrical components.

        (12) check the protective functions and their setting values.

        (13) check or replace all pipelines.

        (14) check the contact conditions of electrical components.