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What are the responsibilities of the screw air compressor operators?
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Common problems in operation and maintenance of air compressors:

8.What are the responsibilities of the screw air compressor operators?

Air compressor is a relatively precise power machine, which plays an important role in the production process. Therefore, the air compressor should be carefully operated and seriously maintained to ensure safe operation. The responsibilities of air compressor operators include the following aspects:


(1) we must establish the idea of managing machines well, and seriously value the air compressor and its subsidiary equipment.

(2) Familiar with the structure, working principle and performance of air compressors, and master the relevant knowledge of their safe operation rules and ancillary equipment

(3) Familiar with operation technology and safety technology, do a good job of equipment acceptance and pre-start preparation and parking work.

(4) in operation, we should be watch,listen, touch, check and adjust frequently.

(5) Familiar with the air compressor fault phenomenon, causes and troubleshooting methods, if found abnormal conditions should quickly find the cause, take measures to quickly troubleshoot.

(6) seriously responsible for filling in machine operation records.

(7) Do a good job in the safety and hygiene of the computer room, do a good job in the shift work, non-staff members of the room are prohibited to enter the computer room.

(8) strive to improve the reliability of compressor operation and the supply of air volume, so as to achieve safe operation.