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What is the maintenance method of the screw air compressor oil filter?
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Common problems in operation and maintenance of Air Compressors:

25.What is the maintenance method of the screw air compressor oil filter?

Whether the oil filter needs to be replaced or not can be judged by whether the differential pressure switch of the oil filter operates or whether the time of the oil filter timer is zero. 

The lubricating oil and the oil filter should be replaced after the first operation of the new engine 500 hours. If the pressure difference of the oil filter is too large to be replaced in time, it may lead to insufficient oil intake, and cause the exhaust temperature to be high and jump. Insufficient oil will affect bearing life. 

Maintenance should be done after the air compressor is shut down and the corresponding safety measures are taken:

(1) use the pliers to unscrew the old filters.

(2) clean contact surfaces.

(3) smear a thin oil film on the surface of the new filter seal ring.

(4) Hold the new filter tightly by hand until the gasket is sealed; pay special attention to the new filter tightening do not borrow other tools, in case it is difficult to remove the next replacement.

(5) check for leakage after starting.

(6) check the pressure switch installed in the oil filter is normal, the preset value is 150kPa.