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What is the purpose of the compressor filter?
- Jul 21, 2018 -

From the literal meaning, the filter press is a machine pressure filter with pressure and filter function, which is mainly aimed at the solid in the fluid. It is separated by external pressure. The main components of the press filter press the structure part, the filter plate, the filter cloth, the thrust plate, the pressing plate and the water nozzle. With the continuous improvement of the technology and the continuous expansion of the application field, there are two major structural forms of the horizontal filter press and the vertical filter press. In order to meet the application of different fields, the structure of the filter plate has changed. There are plate frame type and wing filter press filter plate. The two kinds of filter plates have different usage. The plate frame is mainly in the chemical field. 

The filter precision is high for easy filtration, and sometimes the application of filter paper is used. Because of its convenient discharge, high pressure bearing capacity and uniform force, the filter is widely applied in many fields. Now many people are still taking the filter press as a plate and frame filter press. From the professional name, it is the filter press. At present, it is used in the field of coal. 

The separation of coal mine water and coal slime is a very mature process. At present, there are many kinds of applications in the chemical industry, such as wear resistant materials, white carbon black, soda ash, activated carbon, cephalosporin base, tauxic acid, calcium sulfate, poly aluminum and so on. There are two kinds of application methods, one is filtration, and the other is to remove slag and two major applications.