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What is the repair method of the safety valve?
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Common problems in operation and maintenance of Air Compressors:

42.What is the repair method of the safety valve?

        Safety valve repair is mainly to repair the sealing surface of the safety valve, so the safety valve sealing surface material has higher requirements, the basic requirements are: higher strength, can withstand higher sealing pressure; a certain degree of impact toughness, can withstand the impact of the valve core rapid take-off return seat; has higher hardness, can withstand the medium. It must be resistant to high temperature, not to soften at high temperature, and can withstand acid and alkali erosion.


        The main forms of hard seal for safety valve include plane seal, conical seal, spherical seal and so on. The most commonly used one is plane seal.


        (1) repair of the sealing cover of the safety valve. There are two kinds of metal and non-metal seals on the sealing surface of safety valve. Non-metal seals are generally used in normal temperature medium and metal seals are mostly used in high temperature and high pressure medium. After the non-metallic material seal surface is damaged, generally the ring (seal ring) will be removed and replaced, can not be removed or spare parts can only be machined by turning. The metal sealing surface is grinded under the condition that the damage is not too serious. Grinding is divided into rough grinding and fine grinding. Valve seat and spool must be separately ground with a flat abrasive tool, can not be grinded, because after the grinding groove, once opened back to the seat leak.


        (2) grinding tools and materials.

  1.         1) abrasive tools. Grinding plate: (1) cast iron (for rough grinding); (2) cemented carbide (for fine grinding). Grinding head (for grinding valve seat).

  2.         2) abrasive. Chromium oxide, white corundum, No. 280, No. 360, No. 600, W4, W2.5, W1.5.

  3.         3) grinding agent. Oleic acid, oil, vegetable oil, lard oil.