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What is the role of a car oil and gas separator
- Jul 21, 2018 -

The oil and gas separator is usually installed in the breathing chamber or exhaust pipe of the engine crankcase. The function, as the name suggests, is to separate the engine oil from the crankcase exhaust gas and reduce the oil from the crankcase vent to the engine.

The function of oil and gas separator

1, keep the lubricating oil good lubricity and increase the service life of the oil. In the work of the engine, a part of the high temperature and high pressure gas is leaked into the crankcase by the piston ring. After the condensation of diesel steam and steam, the oil will be dilute, the performance is bad, the normal supply of the foam oil is formed in the oil, and the above material can be separated in time after the oil and gas separator is installed.

2, maintain good surface state of each pair of friction pairs, reduce wear and corrosion of machine parts. The gas and waste gas in the leak into the crankcase contain many acidic substances, such as the sulfur dioxide in the waste gas to produce sulphuric acid, and the oxygen in the air to produce sulphuric acid. If these acid substances can not be separated in time, even if the quantity is small, they will corrode the machine parts. After installing the oil and gas separator, the above gas can be discharged in time to reduce the corrosion and wear of the machine parts.

3, keep the pressure inside the crankcase is basically the same as the air, reduce the oil leakage. Due to the increase in the temperature of the crankcase in the engine, the expansion of the gas and the high temperature and high pressure gas in the crankcase, the pressure in the crankcase will rise, and the oil will leak from the joint and the oil seal. At the same time, the increase of the pressure in the crankcase increases the drag of the piston, and the power loss of the expansion work and the suction stroke increases, and the output power of the engine is reduced. After installing the oil and gas separator, the high temperature pressure gas in the crankcase can be discharged to balance the pressure inside and outside the crankcase.

4, mixed waste gas recovery and utilization, reduce air pollution and improve engine economy. After separating the oil and gas from the crankcase through the oil gas separator, the oil vapor in the mixed exhaust gas and the unburned CO gas are separated out and the inlet air inlet of the human supercharger is mixed with the air to enter the two combustion through the pressurized air cylinder. The liquid oil separated by the oil and gas separator flows back to the oil pan through the oil separator return pipe.