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What should be noted before and after maintenance of screw air compressor?
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Common problems in operation and maintenance of Air Compressors:

15.What should be noted before and after maintenance of screw air compressor?

 (1) Before maintenance, the unit should stop running, close the exhaust valve, disconnect the power supply of the unit and hang a warning sign, and empty the pressure inside the unit (the pressure gauges show "0"). When the high temperature module is removed, the temperature must be cooled to ambient temperature.

 (2) repair the air compressor with the correct tools.

 (3) recommend the use of screw type air compressor special oil, after the repair of different grades of lubricating oil is not allowed to mix.

 (4) The original equipment parts of the air compressor are specially designed and manufactured. Authentic spare parts are recommended to ensure the reliability and safety of the air compressor.

 (5) Do not alter or add any device to the compressor without the permission of the manufacturer.

 (6) Confirm that all safety devices have been reinstalled after maintenance and before start-up. After the first start-up or the overhaul of the electric control system, it is necessary to first confirm whether the motor rotation direction is consistent with the prescribed turning direction before starting the compressor, and the tools have been removed from the compressor.