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Air Compressor Filter Manufacturer Analyzes The Cause Of Abnormal Noise Of Screw Air Compressor Main Engine
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Air compressor filter manufacturers explain why the main engine of the screw air compressor will start abnormal noise after starting up.


The technician of MANFEITE Air compressor filter introduces that when the machine is being repaired by the customer, the main machine vibrates and the noise is high when the air compressor is working. Sometimes the metal impact sound, uniform knocking sound, friction whistling sound will be emitted during operation.

MANFEITE's air compressor filter technicians have given a solution to this phenomenon. Firstly, the belt may be too loose, and the slip caused by the main or passive belt groove type may cause squeal; secondly, it may be after the air compressor is running. There is no immediate oil supply, and the dry friction of the metal produces a howling; in addition, the anchor bolt of the anchor or the inlet filter is loose; the tightening gear nut is loose, causing the tooth gap to be too large to produce a knocking sound, and finally the intake valve may not be closed. The air leakage is large, and the back door is vibrated.

Solution According to different situations, the belt can be replaced in turn; check the oil level, replace the oil filter; check and tighten the bolt, and re-align the air compressor; check the vibration condition, confirm that the tightening gear nut is loose to repair; adjust the intake valve position.

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