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Air Compressor Maintenance Requires Regular Replacement Of The Air Filter
- Sep 18, 2018 -

The air compressor should be maintained frequently to improve the service life. The air filter of the air compressor is the part that needs to be carefully maintained during the maintenance work. The maintenance of this part is not in place, and it is easy to cause various problems in the air compressor.

The air filter is one of the three filters of the air compressor. It is the most common type of air compressor accessory. It must be replaced when the air compressor is being serviced. But why should the air filter be replaced regularly?


Air filter, also referred to as air filter, is an important protective barrier for air compressors. Its main function is to filter out the dust impurities in the air entering the air compressor to ensure the quality of compressed air, protect the internal cleanliness of the air compressor, prevent other foreign matter from oil filter, oil separator, lubricating oil, Damage to related components such as the main unit.


The most important part of the air filter is the filter element, which is usually made of high-precision imported filter paper, and its service life is generally 1500~2000 hours. That is to say, after this service life has passed, its filtering effect will be greatly reduced or even invalid, and it will not meet the normal working requirements, so it must be replaced.


If the air filter has exceeded the service life, but it has not been replaced, the damage is huge.

Here are a few common hazards:

1. Cause foreign matter to enter the air compressor, affecting the service life and working efficiency of air compressor parts and lubricants.

2. Once the air filter is used for an extended period of time, its resistance will inevitably increase, resulting in increased energy consumption and waste of the entire air compressor system.

3. Can not play a good filtering effect, thus affecting the quality of compressed air.