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Analysis Of Common Faults In Air Oil Separator
- Jul 21, 2018 -

Oil jet air compressor in the daily use, there will be a variety of failures, some of the failures are directly in the oil core, such as high oil content, oil core pressure difference, oil core burst, oil core burning and so on. To solve these problems, we must find out the cause of the machine failure. The use of inferior oil core is one of the reasons for these phenomena. In practice, we find that many faults are not caused by the quality problem of oil core. Here, a brief explanation of other common causes of failure is given.

1. The reasons for the high oil content of the exhaust

1. The design or selection of oil and gas separation tank is unreasonable.

2. Excessive fuel or high oil temperature.

3, large volume of gas, overload or low pressure use.

4, the oil recovery system is blocked.

5, return oil one-way valve damage.

6, the oil pipe is not installed in place.

7, the minimum pressure valve failure.

8. Unqualified oil is used.

9. The mismatched oil is used.

Two. The cause of excessive pressure difference in oil core

1, oil pressure difference sensor fault or pressure gauge damage is not accurate.

2, the environment of air compressor is poor, and there are many pollutants in the air.

3. The quality of air filtration, oil filtration or oil is inferior.

4. The oil is not replaced for a long time, and the oil is dirty.

5, the sealing between the air filter element and the intake port is poor.

6, the machine running temperature is low, water vapor can not be discharged in time, too much water vapor leads to increased oil core resistance.

7, oil core holding time is too long filter material to be damp.

8, the use of mismatched oil core or inferior oil filter element.

Three. The cause of the explosion of oil core

1. The incorrect order of opening.

2, oil partial pressure difference is too large, beyond the support network capacity.

3, the minimum pressure valve failure.

4, the machine has a pressure pulse when it runs.

5. The design of oil tank is not reasonable.

Four. The cause of the burning of oil

1. Failure of the oil circuit system. The main engine instantly lacks oil and generates high temperature to ignite the oil filter paper.

2, there are inflammable objects into the host (such as paper, fiber, cotton fabric, and flammable gas around the rotor). This situation is common in the assembly of the new machine or the mainframe overhaul. The foreign objects entering the main engine produce open fire under the compression of the engine head, and the oil can be ignited into the oil and gas barrel.

3. There is a break in the electrostatic system. The static electricity generated during the normal use of the machine can not be exported in time.

4, the oil quality has a problem, the oxidation resistance is poor, producing carbon and sludge, long time residue in the machine pipeline, these impurities into the host, after compression, easy to produce clear fire, to oil and gas barrels to burn oil core.

5, a circuit fire or external cause fire causes an open flame to enter the machine from the inlet and burn the oil core.