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How Often Is The Oil Filter Best?
- Jul 21, 2018 -

How long is the oil filter for the best? This is a problem that the owners care about, because the owner does not have the professional knowledge of the car maintenance, and even some owners do not know why the oil filter needs to be replaced. Next, let me show you why we need to replace the oil filter and the replacement cycle. Why should the oil filter be changed regularly? The function of the oil filter is to filter the fuel of the car. Gasoline is refined from crude oil through complex processes, and then transported to petrol stations by special means, and eventually transported to the fuel tank of the owner. In this process, the impurities in the gasoline will inevitably enter the tank. In addition, the impurities will also increase with the extension of the use time. In this way, the filter used for filtering the fuel will be dirty. 

If this continues, the filtering effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, after a certain number of cars drive a certain kilometer, the oil filter should be replaced. If it is not changed or delayed, it will certainly affect the performance of the car, cause the oil road is not smooth, the car refueling is not strong and so on. Finally, it causes the chronic destruction of the engine and even the engine. How often can the oil filter be replaced best? The replacement cycle of the motor oil filter is usually around 10000 kilometers. The best time to replace the oil filter can be referred to the instructions on the vehicle use manual. Usually, the replacement of the fuel filter is carried out when the car is in large maintenance and is replaced with the air filter and the oil filter, which is what we call "three filters".