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How To Replace The Core Of Air Compressor Oil Separator Filter
- Sep 21, 2018 -

 The performance of oil separator filter directly affects the oil content in compressed air, so it will be replaced after a period of use. The replacement of internal air compressor oil separator element in screw air compressor maintenance is a bit cumbersome. It has to remove 12 bolts on the cover of the oil separator barrel, as well as some tubing joints, air pipe joints, exhaust pipe joints and so on.


A. The conditions for replacing the oil and gas separator core are:

        The oil separator core is located in the oil separator tank (see picture) and is replaced every 3000 hours or so. If the differential pressure transmitter alarms (the differential pressure is greater than 0.1MPa), it should be replaced in time. If the running time is less than 3000 hours per year, it should be replaced at least once a year. When air quality or lubricating oil quality is not good, it will speed up the plugging of oil-gas separation core, and the differential pressure transmitter will alarm in advance.



B. Replacement steps of oil and gas separation core:

        1, stop and confirm that the pressure has been released, pull down the power switch.

        2, remove the minimum pressure valve connection pipe;

        3. Remove the tubing and other control pipes.

        4. Remove the cover plate of the oil and gas separation tank.

        5. Extract the oil and gas separation core;

        6. Replace the new oil and gas separation core.



C. Matters needing attention in replacing the oil and gas separator cartridge: (see picture)

         1. When installing a sucker pipe, it must be guaranteed that the pipe is inserted into the bottom of the oil separation core to ensure that the residual oil at the bottom is completely extracted.

         2. Pay special attention to whether metal needles or copper sheets are affixed to the two gaskets matched with the oil separation core; if not, add them on your own, make sure that the cover plate, the oil separation core and the oil separation tank are kept in contact through the metal sheets. The metal sheet ensures that the oil separation core is connected with the outside world and avoids the oil combustion and explosion in the oil tank caused by the accumulation of a large amount of static electricity on the separation core.


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