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Main Classification Of Air Filter
- Jul 21, 2018 -

There are two types of air filters, dry and wet.

Dry air filter is a filter which separates impurities from air through a dry filter element, such as paper filter element. Air filters used for light vehicles (including cars and mini cars) are generally single stage. Its shape is flat or elliptical and flat. Filter material is filter paper or nonwovens. The end cover of the filter element is metal or polyurethane, and the shell material is metal or plastic. Under rated air volume flow, the original filtration efficiency of the filter element should be no less than 99.5%. Due to the bad working environment, the heavy duty air filter must have a large number of air filters. The first stage is a swirling filter (such as blade ring, swirl pipe, etc.), which is used to filter the coarse particle impurities, the filtration efficiency is above 80%, and the second stage fine filter is microporous paper filter core (generally called the main filter core), and its filtration efficiency is over 99.5%. There is also a safety filter element after the main filter, which is used to prevent dust from entering the engine when the main filter element is installed and replaced or when the main filter element is accidentally damaged. The material of the safety core is mostly nonwovens and filter paper.

Wet air filter includes two kinds of oil immersion and oil bath.

Oil immersion is through an oil immersed filter core, separating impurities from the air. The filter material is made of metal wire and foam material.

The oil bath is to bring the inhaled dust air into the oil pool and remove most of the dust, and then flow upward in the air with the oil foggy through a wire wound filter core, which is further filtered, and the oil drops and the blocked dust return to the oil pool together. Oil bath air filters are commonly used in agricultural institutions and marine power.

There are 3 ways of air filtration: inertia, filtration and oil bath.

Inertial formula: as the density of the impurity is larger than the air, when the impurity rotates or turns sharply with the air, the effect of centrifugal force can separate the impurity from the air flow.

Filtration: guiding the air through the metal filter or filter paper, blocking impurities and adhering to the filter element.

(3) oil bath: the bottom of the air filter is equipped with an oil plate, using the air flow to shock the oil, separating the impurities and sticking it in the oil, and the oil droplets that are surged through the air flow through the filter core and adhere to the filter core. When air flows through the filter core, it can further adsorb impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration.

A filter for purifying air. They have the following differences:

1: machines (such as internal combustion engines and air compressors) intake air to the external intake of air purification;

2: smoke and dust discharge factories and traffic exhaust gases must be purified in advance.

3: the space for purifying the workshop must be up to the high efficiency filtrating device used in the high grade cleanliness level.

There is no consistency between them from material selection to testing and technical indicators, and their standards are different.