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Maintenance Of Air Filter
- Jul 21, 2018 -

After a period of operation, the dust holding capacity and air resistance will reach the maximum allowable value. At this time, it must be replaced, otherwise the clean air conditioning system will not operate normally, resulting in reduced air supply, lack of wind speed and air change times, and the clean room will not be able to achieve the use effect. Before the removal of the high efficiency filter, we should take protective measures to the indoor equipment to prevent the end air filter from dismantling and dismantling. The dust deposited in the air duct and the static pressure box will cause pollution to the equipment and the floor. In the clean air conditioning system, the air filter should be paid attention to in the clean air conditioning system. The air filters used at all levels should be replaced under what circumstances, and should be decided according to their specific conditions.

The replacement of fresh air filter (coarse efficiency) and intermediate air filter (medium efficiency) can be carried out when air resistance is 1.5-2 times the initial resistance value. The replacement of the high efficiency filter is stipulated in the design specification of the national standard clean workshop: (1) the air velocity is reduced to a minimum, even after the replacement of the initial effect and the medium effect filter, the air velocity can not increase; (2) the resistance of the high efficiency air filter reaches 2 times the initial resistance; (3) the leakage of the high efficiency air filter can not be repaired. It should be replaced. This is also the three principle of high efficiency filter replacement.

The replacement of air filter at the end of clean air conditioning system is very cumbersome and the replacement cycle is longer. Therefore, when replacing the end air filter, all the equipment in the system should be overhauled to clean up the dust in the duct. In the installation of air filters at all levels of clean air conditioning systems, the terminal filter plays a key role in ensuring cleanliness of cleanrooms. In particular, after installation of the end filter, leak detection must be carried out, installation of operation rules and installation, leak detection and testing of high efficiency filters should be carried out step by step.