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Maintenance Of Filter Elements For Air Compressor
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Air compressor filter elements (air filter, oil filter, air&oil separator) are important components of air compressor, so it is necessary to effectively maintain them. With proper maintenance and proper posture, the efficiency of the product is even higher.

I. maintenance of intake air filter element

Air filter is a part of filtering air dust and dirt. Because the internal clearance of screw machine only allows particles within 15μ to be filtered out, if the air filter is blocked and damaged, a large number of particles larger than 15μ enter the screw machine for circulation, which not only greatly shortens the service life of oil filter and oil separation core, but also leads to a large number of particles directly. When entering the bearing cavity, the accelerated bearing wear makes the rotor clearance increase, the compression efficiency decreases, and even the rotor is boring and bitten to death.

  1. The air filter should be maintained once a week. First, unscrew the cap nut, take out the air filter, blow out the dust particles on the outside of the air filter from the inner cavity of the air filter, wipe the stolen material on the inner wall of the empty filter shell with a clean rag, and return to the air filter, pay attention to the sealing of the front end of the air filter. The ring should be tightly connected with the inner end surface of the air filter case. The maintenance of the intake air filter element of diesel engine powered screw engine should be carried out synchronously with the air filter element of the air compressor, and the maintenance method is the same.

  2. The air filter element should be replaced every 1000-1500 hours under normal condition, especially in bad environment, such as mines, ceramics factories, cotton mills, etc. It is suggested to replace the air filter element every 500 hours.

  3. when cleaning or replacing the air filter element, the components must be individually aligned, so as to prevent foreign objects from falling into the intake valve.

  4. Check the intake expansion pipe regularly for breakage and flat suction, and the connection port between the expansion pipe and the air filter intake valve for loosening and leakage. If found, it should be repaired and replaced in time.                                         



Ⅱ. Replacement of oil filter.

  1. The oil filter core should be replaced 500 hours after the first operation of the new air compressor. The special wrench should be used to remove the reverse oil filter core. It is better to add the screw oil before the new filter core. The seal of the filter core should be screwed back to the oil filter base with both hands and tightened with force.

  2. It is recommended to replace the new filter element every 1500-2000 hours. It is better to replace the oil filter element at the same time when changing the oil. The replacement period should be shortened when using in bad environment.

  3. It is forbidden to use the oil filter element beyond the deadline. Otherwise, because the filter element is blocked seriously, the pressure difference exceeds the limit of the by-pass valve, the by-pass valve opens automatically, and a large number of stolen goods and particles will enter the screw host directly, causing serious consequences.

  4. The replacement of diesel oil filter core should follow the maintenance requirements of diesel engine, and the replacement method is similar to that of screw oil core.


Ⅲ. Maintenance and replacement of oil points

  1. Oil separator element is a component that separates screw lubricating oil from compressed air. Under normal operation, the service life of oil separator is about 3000 hours, but the quality of lubricating oil and the filtering precision of air have a great influence on its service life. It can be seen that the maintenance and replacement period of the air filter element must be shortened in the harsh environment, and even the pre-air filter should be installed.

  2. Oil separator must be replaced when the pressure difference between the front and back exceeds 0.12 Mpa, or it will cause motor overload and oil separator breakage.


 Replacement method:

            a) Remove the control pipe fittings installed on the oil and gas barrel cap, remove the return pipe which extends into the oil and gas barrel on the oil and gas barrel cap, and remove the fastening bolt on the oil and gas barrel.

            b) Remove the upper cover of the oil tank and remove the oil separator. Remove asbestos pad and dirt adhered to the upper cover plate.

            c) Install the new oil separator, note that the upper and lower asbestos pads must be stapled, and the asbestos pads must be neatly arranged when pressed, otherwise the cushion will be caused.

            d) install the upper cover plate, the return oil pipe and the control pipe as usual, and check if there is any leakage.