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On The First Day Of The End Of The Holiday, Adjust The Status And Start Work.
- Oct 08, 2018 -

Seven days of National Day holiday were gone,today is the first day to start work, whether you have adjusted your work status, into the busy work? If you haven't, teach you some tips for treating holiday syndrome.


1, Adjust work and rest to ensure sleep.

During the National Day holiday, most people will seize the time to travel, visit relatives and friends, enjoy entertainment, work and rest time is disrupted, even less than usual rest time at work. Once you return to your normal work environment, the previous chaotic schedule can lead to insomnia at night, difficulty getting up early, sleepiness during the day, and poor energy and physical strength.

After the long vacation, you should enter the "take-off" state in time, calm yourself down, rest at home after work, do not arrange other activities. Try to go to bed early and get up early. If you can't fall asleep at night, a hot bath will help you sleep.


2, Adjust the diet, light mainly

Holiday gatherings, greasy diet, and even overeating, alcohol and tobacco excessive, the body's gastrointestinal burden increased, causing functional disorders, even if not to cause disease, but people feel unwell.

At the end of the holiday, the diet should be vegetarian, reduce greasy, less sugar, less salt, mainly light, eat more crude fiber and fruits and vegetables, drink more water, so that the "overburdened" stomach and intestines to rest and adjust, accelerate the body's metabolism, help the gastrointestinal tract to restore health.


3. Wake up and exercise.

During the long holidays, I was busy playing with friends and having no time to exercise. Big fish, big meat, lack of exercise can make people feel tired, into the "lazy" stage, the end of the holiday this feeling of weakness will continue. So after the holidays, you can increase the amount of exercise, such as running, playing ball, swimming and other aerobic exercise, help to alleviate fatigue and tension.


4, Return to work, step by step.

After a long vacation, many people go back to the office and see a mountain of work immediately put into work, which only increases anxiety and exacerbates the symptoms of post-holiday syndrome.

Holiday and work are two different psychological and living conditions. During the seven-day long vacation, our body and mind have adapted to relaxation and stress-free comfort. When the vacation is over, it is difficult to return to work immediately with psychological feelings. Therefore, we should give ourselves some time to adapt, for example, not to give ourselves three days before work. Arrange high-intensity work, try to arrange some planned, communicative work, give yourself a buffer adjustment period. Then step by step, slowly arrange more work for yourself every day, give yourself more pressure, let yourself busy from the rhythm, so as to quickly restore the previous state of work.

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